Spin Information

Token holders must be at the class 2 minutes before it starts (Set up time) or you could be refused entry.

Number - Classes are strictly limited to the 8 token holders.

Booking - Tokens will be available 30 minutes before the start of each class. You must be present in the club to claim a token and cannot get a token for a friend. You are required to give your token to the class instructor in order to take your seat on the bikes so please look after them.

Attire - You must have a sweat towel in order to do a spin class with us. You must wipe down your bike after each class.

Time - Classes vary between 35 and 45 minutes and will be at the discretion of the instructor.

Members only - Spin is for members only and 10 pass cards cannot be used for spin class access.

There may be more classes added depending on initial use and feedback so we welcome any feedback on our spin classes via reception or using our feedback cards provided.